Introducing Me

I am a Full time single Mum of 3 wonderful children, We live on the Beautiful Welsh Border,in the UK.  i am in my Mid 20's, i have 3 Children and the Dogs,Called Muzzy & Duke .I partly Deaf in both ears, supposed to wear hearing aids but they have yet to invent a hearing aid which helps me, i get by lip reading and using listening devices. I am also mildly Dyslexic.  

What i Like. 
I like gardening and now have a new challenge Watch this space, i love taking photo's as you can tell from the blog. I am addicted to the computer though not as bad as i used to be. i love ebay too. I am one of the few very lucky people who like their body, i dont diet, i love food. For someone who has carried 3 children who were very large i think i have a good figure and age is bringing me good looks. I love having a good laugh and believe its the best medicine. I like to read, mostly i read History and Sherlock Holmes is a particular favorite of mine. I also am enjoying reading the News papers. I am also a regular Tweeter so don't forget to follow me, Hint Hint, lol. Most of all i live for being a mum and running our home single handed and with out sounding big headed, i am good at it. I love driving, Going Places and Exploring. 

What i don't Like.
I am a fussy eatter though this is changing as i am enjoying rediscovering food. I dont like loosing things and hate being late.I also have a phobia of Rats, which i find hard to control. 

My Wish List for me 
  • Ride a Horse.
  • Romantic Weekend away
  • Finding Someone to Love me
  • Getting a Career
  • Making myself a stronger person. 
  • Walk at least once a week, Complete The Wrekin. 
My Attachments So Far 
  • Having 3 Wonderful Children and coping with their challenges. 
  • Passing my Driving Test First Time.
  • Being Student of the Year at College
  • Being able to Weld.
  • Being my life back together after the Hole i was in.