Sunday, 8 April 2012

Deceitful lover By Georgina Arthur

I laughed with you while you looked around at other beauties. I stood by your side no matter what life threw, but it was not enough to hold you, you left and flew around visiting blossoms like bees, leaving me in pain and beaten. They spoke of me as a whore. Making yourself to be the victim. But little did you realise that through you were trying to hold be down. The cage door flew open and out I came free. A new spring began deep within my heart, where you left only sadness, now I get be be free I watch the sadness Dawn on you. And though I do still care I'm flying to free to come down and let you capture me once more. So fair well deceitful lover may your lies offer you comfort now cause comfort will not come from me. Though I wollow with delight as regret I see creeps into you.

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