Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter has got to be the best holiday, I love it and not just for the chocolate, but for the freshness it brings. Everything is wonderful beautiful lambs, fresh flowers and longer evening. Everything to bring lots of joy to the heart of a country girl like me.

I'm sat in the sitting room of the new house bloging on my phone thinking, yes surrounded by out new furniture the children and I have chosen ourselves. Snuggled together watching Disney life could not be happier, 2012 has brought us all so much happiness a total new start. The last few years have taught me much, especially how people can stab you in the back very quickly when you give them an inch still many lessons later, I look at what I have achieved in the last month. A new house freshly furnished nothing left from the past. The children have themed bedrooms which is something they always wanted. A beautiful big garden with it's own vegetable patch and rockery. We all have plans for our home and the best thing of all, it is just that a home, another thing the children have never had, over the last 5 years we moved 9 times. Now I have total control over my life and we have security.

One thing I forgot until recently is I am 26 and my children 5 and under, we have our whole lives ahead of us, so much fun to enjoy and we defiantly intend to grab it.

The best thing I have ever done apart from giving birth to 3 very special babies is to do a life coaching course. I tried many things to get my life on track after being so poorly, counciling was a joke, I was told I had to many issues to deal with and medication was something I was very uncomfortable with, where all else failed life coaching saved me. Learning the laws of attractions has saved my life in more ways than one and I would recommend it to anyone.

I know as a family we have many battles ahead but our weapons to fight back with are stronger than ever before.

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