Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fab afternoon

After spending the morning busy at home it was time to head out for some fun. Jumping in the truck we headed high up into the welsh mountains, here the snow was thick and deep. Talking our time letting the truck do the work we headed over the tracks we knew well leaving civilisation behind. At the end of the tracks we got out and had fights In the snow. Next the children made a snow man, while I wondered around taking a few snowy snaps and keeping a good eye on duke. We all added to the snow man though ceienna did most of the work. Once it was finished and we took more photos we jumped back into the nice warm truck and headed off to Bala. On the way to the lake we stopped for some chips before sitting by the lake enjoying our chip supper taking in the amazing snow capped views of the welsh mountains.

Soon we headed off for some more off road fun, before heading back to out wonderful home.

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