Monday, 4 June 2012

Change The World

Do you ever sit there some days and think Stop the world i want to get off ?????
Many times we want to just scream, Well have you tried this ??

Sit down for a minute, Take 6 deep breaths, then retrain your thoughts, Instead of getting swept along by bad thoughts and negative thinking. 

Instead of thinking GOD this is the day from hell, Think what can you do to make the rest of the day better, What good things have happened to me today. 

One tip i have have which helps me loads, is every night before i go to bed write down the good thinks that you have done that day, it may be i did all my house work, i had a healthy breakfast, no matter how small it may be find pride in your own achievements. This has a effect on the people around us to/ 

Now back to changing the world, Well it may seem impossible, but by finding positive thoughts with in your self you can do it, You can Change YOUR world.

Try it for a Week what you got to loose. 

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