Wednesday, 10 October 2012

On the edge by Charlie Carroll

What a very interesting story. A true story of a male teacher who takes to the streets of Britain to discover why so many teachers are leaving the profession.

Charlie visits 10 of the worst pro forming areas in the uk, he discovers undisciplined pupils, unsupportive management and teachers scared for their classes. A very sad state of affaires indeed.

However on the plus side you discover understanding of pupils needs and a sense of understand of what teachers are going through.

Towards the end of the book mr Carroll makes recommendation of changes to the education system he thinks will change education for the better.

I think this book is a must for politics or anyone wishing to change uk educations. The good is also packed with insentive for anyone who is considering travelling and behind the wheel of a V W camper what more could you ask for in your travels around Britain.

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