Monday, 9 April 2012

Titanic Remembered

Tomorrow marks 100 years since Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage out of Southampton dock. Having studied this Story as part of my GCSE's and again in more recent times with my Son Kellyn, i remain very touched with this story. Kellyn and i have spent many hours looking through books and web sites together, gathering facts and discussing our research. Kellyn has a wonderful head of information and has even taken  his research into school to share with his class.  

How ever i am slightly annoyed that to mark this occasion of 100 years since she disappeared from view, they bring out Leonardo De Capri o and Kate Winsletts Version of the Story.  Not that i am saying this is a bad film, no it it a beautiful love tale, but has lots of false events int he film, which i find offensive to the memories of those who lost their lives and to brave officers who helped so many that night, i think something better could have been done. 

A Film i was first introduced to while taking my GCSE's A Night to Remember is a much better factual film with original footage of the Titanic herself, this sadly seems to have faded from the memories of most. I recently purchased the DVD from Ebay, Kellyn and i watched it, Kellyn is very critical of anything which is not factual and he agrees with me about this being a good account of the events. 

May those effected by the tragedy and those who lost their lives rest in peace and be remembered fondly. 

God Bless all Those on the Sea. 

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