Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Fathers Day is a Day to Celebrate Father Hood, a Chance for Children to so Thanks to Dad. 
Fathers Day was founded in 1910 in Washington. Fathers Day is celebrated around the world though different countries celebrate in different days. 

Personally i have often thought it must be hard to be a dad, as mothers we have to go through giving birth but for dads, they kinda sit on the side lines there is no real process for their involvement and i do sometimes feel that men get lost and unless they had strong fathers them selves it is hard for them to know how, or even what they can do to be a dad. 

Well me being me i have done some research and found some tips for any lost parents out there.  
Have Fun 
Spend Time with Your Children 
Be a Teacher Both by Word and Example.
show affection
Dont place unreasonable expectations on a child  
Dont place unreasonable expectations on yourself 
Realize a Fathers job is never done

Though Fathers day is a fun day i know that it can for some be a sad day for others. I know how sad mothers day is as a single mum but i do feel for fathers separated from their children especially those how do not deserve if. well (((((HUGS ))))) to you my friends but try not to get bogged down in negative thoughts and think of the good things you have given your children. 

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