Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wonderful surprise

Oh My God, What a wonderful treat we had this morning looking through the Sitting Room window we had the most wonderful surprise today, Not one but TWO, Great Spotted Woodpeckers Were knocking at the tree in our garden, How totally amazing i was just so happy, luckily my camera was sitting on the side board and i was able to grab it and get snapping with ease. What a Wonderful surprise. That is two amazing things which have happened this weekend, I wonder if there will be a third.

Those who follow me on Twitter will know just how much interest i take in the bird life in our garden, We have a Feeding station in our back garden which caters for different species of birds and is always very busy.  On days like this is make me so happy i moved our family away to our new home, It give us all that we want.  For the gardeners among you  Our vegetable patch is doing well. The potatoes are now well up and the turnips my son planted are thriving to. I spent alot of time last weekend clearing out the borders and cutting the lawns plus any other stray bits which needed attention. Sadly the beautiful laburnum has now reach its end but the flowers and the smell were just sensational especially in the evening, on the evenings which were not spoilt by rain i would sit out after the children had gone to bed and smell the amazing fragrance and listen to the bird singing away in the trees. A great way to relax with nature.

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