Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fifty Shades Darker- Part of the 50 shades of grey series

This is so exciting it is going to make an excellent film. It has me totally hooked. I am so loving reading these books and i am glad i decided to read on after the tragic end to the last book. There am so many scenes in these books which i ha lived through its like reading extracts from my own life, no so much the bondage parts though, lol. I love the romance and the excitement of the books, Mr Grey is an amazing man, i love the way he worships Ana, The thing he says, the ways he makes her wanted, though i do want to shout at her some times for the way she treats him, but the book is a good way of showing how younger people handle relationships, i know that when i was younger i would probably have reacted similar ways. I don't think i have ever read any books quite as fast as i am reading through these, they are taking over my life, Those of you who follow me on twitter will know jst how gripped i am, reading through i have laughed out loud, Cried and been excited but Christens romantic ways. 

I would loved to be treated just a fraction of the way Way Mr Grey treats Ana, its so special and wonderful and the words he says will remain deeply planted forever. 

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