Thursday, 19 July 2012

Just Another Day Part 2- Written by Georgina Arthur - Hallmark

Next Morning Anne arrived at her desk as always and switched on her computer, as she sat down and prepared for the days work ahead, she ached inside with curiosity. So checking on one was around her, she logging into the dating site she had joined before.

" Aaaaa, You took my advice then Anne."

Anne froze and flushed bright red wish embarrassment as she turned  to find Mike sniggering behind her, " Mike, I'm sorry i was just, curious"

"Its ok, It was me who told you to do it, So any Messages??"

Anne looked at the screen and her heart sunk with disappointment, Mike lowered his face next to Anne's eat, " Having the App on your phone is helpful to your curiosity " Anne could see Mike was not really bothered, Mike thought the world of Anne, He was always caring and generous and Anne had rewarded him with a very loyal attentive service to his company.

" Thanks Mike, It will never happen again", " Anne Chill out, Its fine, i know you will still get the work done no matter what"

Mike disappeared into his office and Logged on to his computer, Anne saw he gaze at the screen and relaxed and started work. though she had forgotten to shut down the screen for the dating site.

An hour later Anne heard an unfamiliar ping from her computer, Confused she took hold of the mouse and the computer burst into life. Looking around the screen she noticed she had a new message on her dating site, bursting inside she opened it and read the message.

Hi There, Saw your message, i am sure your hiding something behind your ad and i am curious to find out what that might be, Would you Like to Chat ??

Anne beamed, cause she would like to chat, excited she hit the reply icon. 

Hi Back, Chat would be good.  

This was the most excited Anne had been for a long time, life for her had become boring and repetitive and now she was started to feel alive again.

Smiling to herself she shut down the screen and carried on with the rest of her work, waiting till she got home and got the children to bed before she checked again. Later that evening she logged on again, sure enough the was a message waiting for her.

Hi, I am so Glad you messaged back, i really would like to get to know you better, please tell me about yourself as your profile is a little vague. 
Mr x
Anne smiled pleased that she had a message then wondered what to reply. After much consideration she replied.

Well i am 37, Divorced 3 kids, I work as a PA for a second hand car dealer. 
Been on my own for 3 years and now testing the water looking for Mr Right. 
I was born and raised in Bridgwater, Somerset, but moved with my x husband. 
Please Tell me about you, Mr x??? Very mysterious. 

Anne hit the send button, expecting not to hear back from her new friend. instead she picked up her mobile and trailed through the app store looking to down load the dating site app onto her mobile. She found it and installed it, lounging on the sofa with one eye on the tv unusually relaxed. 

As the app finished down loading Anna logged into the site it pinged letting her know there was a new message. 

Well miss, the mystery seems to be coming from you as you do not sign off with a name. 
I am 42, London lad born and bred, I was married once but we also divorced on grounds of mutual boredom, Best thing i ever did though i miss having a lady to share my life with. I cant say i am something i am not, that would be unfair, know you ladies like to dream of your perfect man, but i am what i am. In the day i am a office worker and to pass away my lonely night i work as a bouncer for a local night club, i see some sights i can tell you but it is that which makes my work more interesting. 

Please Message back.
Mr X
Wow, Anne was so pleased she replied straight away 

Mr X, 
Your life seems most interesting have you even got time to find a lady ?? MY life is far from interesting having the commitment of children i cant get away that easily. Do you have any children ?? Right now far from dreaming of a perfect man, i think i would settle for a man. My boss suggested i try online dating i am still to be convinced.  

Mrs Drudge. 

Anne smiled as she hit the reply button. she was glad mike had suggested this, it was unusual for Anne to listen to anyone as since her husband walked out, choosing the booze and free and easy women over a home, wife and children she had become self reliant more or less shutting everyone out of her life. Messaging Mr X, became a continual flow between the two of them, loving his messages, she found they made her laugh and tingle and the excitement which had once again come into her life. Mr x was a very addictive correspondence. After a week of messaging each other nearly every hour or even more frequently than that, Anne received the message with made her gasp, her blood ran cold for a second and she stared at the message in pure shock. 

Hi There, Mrs Drudge

Do you think we should, Meet ??

Mr X

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