Sunday, 15 July 2012

Just Another Day Part 1 Written by Georgina Arthur - Hallmark

" Come on Were going to be Late" Anne Yelled up the stairs, Every morning the same for her as she rushed to get her children to school. Anne had now been on her own for 3 years, Her now x partner left her long before their eldest started school, so she had never known what is was like not to have a morning where this stressful ritual would take place, but in her heart Anne didn't mind, she was happy now and so were her children, her x had been a total waste of space never sticking a job for more than 3 months and always leaving Anne and the children with next to nothing, sometimes not even food in the cupboards as long as he was well fed and drunk, little else mattered.

Anne dropped the children off at school and headed to work, She hated being late for work, she had fought hard to get this job and only by chance had she got it after the employer had taken pity on her. She Walked in bright and cheerful as ever and took up her position behind her desk, turning on the computer ready for the day ahead. Next she wondered into Mikes office, " Morning Mike, Ready for a brew?? "

Oh Hi, Morning Anne, Yes Please" Anne smiled to herself every morning she had the same response,

With out her she wondered what this place would turn into, Anne worked as a PA to Mike Summers as Second- Hand Car Dealer, She handled everything paper wise as well as answering the phone, When Anne started working for Mike 6 months ago, there was just nothing but utter chaos in the office, but Anne soon brought an end to that, even though she had no previous experience in this line of work, Simple organisation and common sense had got her through, After all she did the same thing at home looking after the house and the children.

After taking Mike his drink she regain her position at her desk, checking the emails which had come through over night.

Mike came through for a chat as he did so often when he was bored, it was nice for Anne to have some Adult company and to take about something other than Thomas the Tank and Dora the Explorer.

Mike leaned against the wall, resting his mug on his chest, taking a long good look at Anne, " Such a waste" he said dreamily.

" What do you mean" Anne looked up at him bewildered. Mike and Anne were very close work colleagues and friends, but Mike was happily married though you would never get him to admit it.

Mike looked at her, " You, being single, Your a beautiful woman, Why are you still in the shelf ??" Anne's cheeks began to flush " Mike, I have told you before, Look at me, i am a plain simple girl, with 3 demanding children, Who Would Want Me ?? But Thanks for the compliment anyway"

" Anne, Every morning you come in you instantly take care of me, you run the business like clock work, You a very smart young woman, and im sure under those dam Jeans and T-Shirt, There is a very Beautiful body, just waiting for some attention, Its such a waste, I promise you if i were ten years younger and not under the thumb id show you a good time like you deserve, Why don't you try one of those dating sites ??"

Just then the phone rang and it was the start of a busy day where Anne and Mike had no chance of chatting to each other again and thee o' Clock soon crept around and it was time for Anne to head back to her Mummy Chores as she called them and collect the children from school.

That evening she attended her duties as normal, Tea, Bath, Pajamas, Bed time Story and saying Good Night to each of her children in turn.

As she settled down to relax and watch some TV, for the first time that day Mikes words came flooding back into her mind,

A Dating Site ???? 

This isnt some thing Anne had ever considered of ever been on, Anne's mind then started an argument.

Everyone on there is only After one thing, but you do hear of success stories these day, Finally blow it what have you got to loose by simply having a look at a few.

Perching her laptop on her knee, she typed in free dating site to goggle, she certainly had no intention of paying for her research. She hit the first site and hit the Sign Up button, Gosh so many Questions, Oh forget it,
Anne headed back to the Google search and clicked on another site, This looks ok, she mulled over  the sign in questions in her mind.

Getting her thoughts together she started to write her advert,

Well Honesty is the best policy here.

Plain Simple woman the better side of 30, seeks uncomplicated man to at least know if i am alive or not. no hobbies or interests due to lack of time, Work as a PA, lived very simple life. Sorry not sure what else to write !!

Anna proof read her advert and hovered of the post button, the nerves had now got to her, is she doing the right thing, but as Mike says What has she got to loose, DAM IT !!! Anne goes for the post button her advert now live.

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