Saturday, 21 July 2012

Just Another Day Part 3 By Georgina Arthur-Hallmark

Anne could not believe her eyes, Her heart Jumped into her throat as typed out her reply.
Tell me When and Where and i shall me there
Mrs Drudge 

The place and time was set. Anne could not wait. The big night soon came the children were staying at friends and Anne was busy getting ready, her head was spinning hard. Was she doing the right this was the biggest question in her mind. Anne dressing in a royal blue figure hugging dress, she had not felt this sexy in years.

At 7:30 Anne arrived at the restaurant, She wondered in and looked round for a man with a blue shirt and red rose, her heart stopped beating as she saw someone who fitted the description, he had his head down examining the menu.

As she got nearer she notice the man was wearing a shirt the same shade as her dress,

"Um, Excuse me, Are you Mr X ??" Anne felt silly asking such as question, he man looked shocked and he looked up at her, He was Beautiful Jet Black Hair which he had gelled and sparking blue eyes, Anne had never seen such a beautiful handsome looking man.

MR x jumped up and greeted Anne with a beaming smile. He  offered her his Hand " Tim Jones" " Not Mr x then ??" Anne and her new Friend laughed " I am Anne." " Not Mrs Drudge Then" Anne blushed at the thought of such an unflattering name.

That Night Anne and Tim Spent the Evening Laughing Anne Laughed like she had never laughed before. Tim and Anne became lovers, they felt like they were made for each other, Tim turned out to be an amazing man, he worshiped Anne and never let her down, When she was sad he would buy her a little joke present to make her smile. He devoted the rest of his life to making her happy, Anne devoted her life to Tim, He was terribly un-organised Anne changed him and helped him to work through all his problems, Tim taught Anne a big lesson Love does not hurt because your in love, love hurts because the person your in love with hurts you. 

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