Friday, 24 August 2012

Fifty Shades Series

I  sorry to say that i have now finished reading these 3 fabulous books, They are an amazing story and i have been recommending them to everyone. The best modern book by far, Well written each book is a exciting tale and i have never been bored reading it. t took be 3 weeks to read all 3 books which for me is a record. The ending is lovely nice to read a happy ending.

I totally disagree with the "Porn" label for me it is a modern day love story between two people, many things in this book i can relate to and many quoteations from the book has helped me through troubled times. I have spoken to a few men who have read the book to and have felt the same way. If you want ideas of how to treat your girl here it is. I also got talking to one chap who's wife was reading the book and he reports that she had changed since reading it.

For me i have taken away alot personally from the book, Just because you are "Damaged Goods" you can go on to enjoy a full wonderful relationship and find true love and happiness.

I wont mention anything about the story line cause i dont want to spoil it for anyone who has not read the book, but i will never look at vanilla ice cream in the same way again. If your wondering which bit has stayed with me most of all, it has to be the braclet what a wonderful present and the amount of throught which has gone into that, Well Done Christian. For All Our Firsts, I Certainly cant wait to find mine.

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