Sunday, 28 October 2012

Adams Farm, My life on the land by Adam Henson.

What an amazing book, recently I have read Adams Farm, the book tells the highs and lows of life on Adams farm in the Cotswold through out the year.

There is so much passion and emotion through out the book as well as interesting facts about the various breeds which Adam houses on his farm. The book has certainly given me and my dad things to talk about when we have got together, lots of Adams ideas and opinions I share, especially about battery hens. The one sad part of the story is of course one of farming s biggest problems, terbuculous or RB as it is known as, I just hope that there will be advances in science soon bring an end to such a terrible infection which causes so many animals to be destroyed.

Reading through lambing time brought back fond memories for me or lambing time and visiting my Nan and finding orphan lambing in her kitchen and watch ewes and lambs in front of the sitting room window as we sat down for tea or looking through the window on the stairs. Lambing is always a special time, even for me now, I even say to my own children when you see your first lamb o the year you know that spring has arrived and its the end of winter. We're also regular visitors to farms.

However, this for me was not the most important work Adam Henson and his family and team do, for me, it has to be the very hard work they do saving and helping rare breeds survive. Without the work of Joe Henson Adams father and many other concerned farmers many of our more ancient breeds would have been lost but now they are growing in numbers. Joe Henson is one of the founder members of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, an organisation monitoring the numbers of breeds around the world as well as the UK. I must say I for I one feel this man defiantly deserves a knighthood for his services and foresight and for the amazing legacy he has given us.

Over all the book is a good read, technical terms explained and easy to read as it falls into many categories including tv lets not forget Adam I'd also an amazing presenter, one I love to watch and one of the few I have actually seen live. Defiantly one not to be missed.

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