Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tractor pulling - the worlds most powerful Motorsport.

Tractor pulling is a Motorsport which takes place at various places around the world.

Originally started by two farmers arguing over who had the strongest horse in Ohio, America the sport has evolved along with advances in technology to the amazing sport you see today.

Tractor pulling has various categories mainly pro stock, super stock and finally modified class, the pro stocks vary very little from the tractor on the farm, but has a few tweaks to the engine to get as much power as possible. Next the super stock again these machines continue to look like farm tractors, however engines may be changed and these can run on various types of fuels. 

Finally there is the monstrous modified tractors these can be driven by up to five engines, in times gone by I have seen these powers by helicopter engines, tank engines and Chevys to name a few to give you the general idea.

Here in the uk we now see lots of tractor pulling events going on throughout the country mainly at agricultural shows though there are a few exceptions to this. Many times I have watched night pulls, these are always a favourite, as night falls you are able to watch the methanol burning away, it really is quite an experience.

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