Monday, 15 October 2012


Recently I have been following the story of Amanda Todd, it was so sad to read about this poor young girl who has taken her life because she could no longer take the bullying. It seems there is to be no or very little justice here, when will this world wake up and see the damage that bullying does to its victim. Most of is that this idea that bullying is a thing that happens in school, well it is not. Having being bullied myself I know what it it like. I was bullied since primary school this carried on through secondary school and future on into my life into other kinds of bullying with different names but still bullying all the same. Be under no illusion that it was just my fellow pupils I fell victim to teachers to, why? Because I was deAf, I was different from others , do you feel reading this that this is a good enough reason , because I don't. As a teen I began to think I deserved this, I deserve being kicked beaten and thrown down stairs. My self esteem was then and has been very low . But now a light is shining and I am worth so much more.

What I find disturbing in the case if Amanda is the sexual threats, she was prayed upon and threatened sadly these threats ruined her life.

I hope that in this tragic loss lessons can be learned. Please can this world bring an end to bullying. I find it so hard to believe that even now 20 years on bullying is still claiming lives. Why are schools not educating and supporting pupils better??? Come on where us the action on this very deglected subject. I know my head told me to stop moaning and get on with it but come on surely we can move on from this now.

I hope Amanda has now found some peace. Thoughts go out to her family at this very sad time.

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