Sunday, 28 October 2012

Talyllyn Railway

Recently the children and I visited the Talyllyn Railway. The Railway is a very interesting place to visit, It is the Worlds First Preserved Railway saved from closure in 1951. Reverend W. Awdry creator of Thomas the Tank was a regular visitor to the railway The Talyllyn was thefore mentioned in Awdrys tenth book  in the Railway Series, Four Little Engines, he “discovered” a narrow-gauge railway on the Island of Sodor called the Skarloey Railway. By some coincidence, the engines on this railway all had “twins” on the Talyllyn: Skarloey & Talyllyn, Rheneas & Dolgoch, Sir Handel & Sir Haydn, Peter Sam & Edward Thomas. This book included the story about the Refreshment Lady, but the blame was given to Peter Sam rather than the Guard! No.5 Rusty and No.6 Duncan were also introduced in later books.

We had a wonderful time when we visited the museum was most interesting and the ride was pleasant as it takes you high up into the mountains. into peace a quite.


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