Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Welcome Christmas 2012

Yesterday the children and i put up our Christmas tree, it had crossed my mind to buy a new one, this year i have brought all new decorations a theme of gold and purple. 

As i opened the box to see how everything was thrown in, thoughts flooded my mind of how i tore it down the year before, tears following down my face which i had held back from my children all day keeping a smile as only a mum can. 

Together we put it up and my thoughts wondered again, i thought about how far we had come this year, the faces of the children full of happiness and excitement as we placed the branches in their correct places. once the tree was assembled, i stepped back and my son took a box of gold bubbles while my eldest daughter took the purple. After i had placed the tinsel and beads the two older children set to work loading the tree. It looked spectacular this year. Thoughts of happiness surrounded us.  We talked about Christmas coming and Santa coming while we carried on decorating the house. 

We really are looking forward to Christmas this year, I know it will be one to remember. 

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